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Multi-Port Fast charger 3.0 with Mushroom Lamp

Multi-Port Fast charger 3.0 with Mushroom Lamp

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Product size: 320g

Compatibility: A variety of 5V inputs of electronic products

Rated input: 100-240V 50-60Hz

Rated maximum total output: DC5V-6.0A

A maximum output: 2.1A

Line length: 59in

Quick Charge 3.0 Compatible Devices: Compatible with iPad, iPod, Smartphones, and Tablets.

Plug into any wall outlet and charge up to 5 USB devices simultaneously

Are you still complaining about the long-time charging for your phones, tablets, and power bank...?

No more worry now, Show wish 5-port charging station will short the charging time with one QC 3.0 port (Max 3A output, compatible with QC 1.0 and 2.0 Technology) and can charge 5 devices simultaneously. The docking station with 5-port, which is very convenient for your charging, desk lamp has a long life using, very energy-saving environmental protection, soft lighting will better protect your eyes, you can enjoy the soft atmosphere, no flicker and phantom comfortable reading/work/learning lighting.

Selling Point

The use of methods1. Before use, check whether the charger and device parameters correspond to one. 2. The power cord into AC100-240V.3. Will have a USB A male plug (different devices have different plug) adapter USB "A" male plug access charger's output port,and then the corresponding plug access electrical equipment (such as mobile phones, MP3, camera, for iPod series, etc) for power supply or charging.4. A single phone can be directly plugged into the cradle plug to charging, no need for USB charging cable.5. After the equipment is fully charged, please pull out the charger power cord.

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